Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do Mondays (Whether Rainy or Not) Always Get You Down?

Do Mondays (Whether Rainy or Not) Always Get You Down?

• Do you wake up Monday morning and wish the weekend was one day longer?
• When your boss pops into your office, do you think, "What now?"
• Are you working more but enjoying it less because of longer hours and demanding deadlines?

Does this sound familiar? The recession impacts both the employed and unemployed as every top-line and bottom-line dollar is squeezed out of business financial statements. In addition, attrition policies and restructuring may have blocked your career path, overwhelmed you with responsibilities, or even pushed you into a promotion that has you struggling. You used to love your job! Now the lack of options has you feeling desperate.

Before you change your LinkedIn setting to “Actively Looking,” consider one of your best options. In order to succeed in a down economy you may need better or different skills. To obtain those skills you will need training. Unfortunately when an organization tightens its budget belt, training is often the first area to be cut. This is not the time to give up; it is the time to invest in yourself—your career. After all, if your knowledge and skills stay the same, then your skills are falling behind. Staying current with industry standards and expanding your skills will show your employer that you want your job (Let’s be frank, you may feel that you hate your job, but you would hate being unemployed even more!). The benefit to the firm will not be lost on your employer; the investment in yourself should convince your employer that you are a keeper. So how are you going to get this training? Here is how.

Online training can equip you with the skills needed to meet or exceed your client’s expectations. Thomson Reuters has a deal that will knock your socks off—access to hundreds of course for a one year period for one set fee - $299. That is less than $25 a month ($.82 per day). Are you ready to hone your skills or acquire new ones? How many topics could you tackle? Which courses would give you the edge that you need?

The Premier CPE Package ( ) provides a terrific range of learning options designed specifically for accounting professionals like you.

So, are you ready to tackle Monday, now?