Thursday, April 8, 2010


Someone once said that the only two sure things in life are death and taxes. Oh, by-the-way have you filed your 2009 Federal Income Tax return yet? Time is running out.

Are you one of those procrastinators who wait right up until the last minute to file your return, or do you file early and have your refund spent before the due date rolls around? Either way you must admit that the tax laws, on which your return is based, are getting more complex every year.

Preparing and filing your income tax return once was relatively simple, but not anymore. Unless you only have W-2 income and elect the standard deduction you had better seek professional help in preparing your return lest you run afoul of the IRS or miss some deduction that you are entitled to claim. Return preparation is a complex process and even with today’s tax prep software the user must have a good understanding of the Federal tax laws in order to properly enter the information in the software program so it will be reported correctly on the tax return.

I saw a cartoon of a tax return once that only had two lines. The top line asked “How much did you make?” and the bottom line said “Send it in.” If our tax laws continue to grow in complexity we may find that the cartoon has become reality. I don’t think that we have quite reached that point yet but what do you think?


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