Thursday, September 2, 2010


How do I learn? That is a question we should ask ourselves because knowing how we learn will enable us to select training methods that provide us with the best possible learning outcome. People learn in different ways. No one has a better learning style than anyone else. Remember, the way you learn is perfect for you. I am just thankful that what I don’t know I can learn.

It has been said that what we learn, after we know it all, is all that really counts. Researchers tell us that there are as many as seven different learning styles; but most just narrow it down to three basic types of learning:

Listening - someone tells you how to do something.

Seeing - you watch someone perform the task.

Doing - you perform the task yourself.

Most people combine one or more of these learning styles to suit their personal preferences. I have found that I learn best when I can both see and hear the instructor as he or she demonstrates a concept. I do OK with just listening, but just watching something demonstrated or reading about how to do it has never really worked for me.

It is important to know which method of learning is best for you because as a CPA, accountant or tax professional what we sell is our knowledge. The number of accounting and tax rules, regulations, policies and procedures are growing at a rapid pace; therefore, it is imperative that we make learning a continuous life-time activity if we intend to stay abreast of these ever- changing rules and standards. If you are looking for a training provider that can meet all of your training needs and provide outstanding quality courses in all of the different learning styles, then look no further than the Tax & Accounting Business of Thomson Reuters. Check them out and see for yourself at: .

Knowledge has certainly increased within this generation almost beyond imagination. In fact according to some research studies, “the total of all human knowledge is now doubling every eight years." I think that continuous learning is, and will continue to be the key to success no matter your profession. What do you think?

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